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We believe the Bible.  We aim to base all we do and believe firmly on what the Bible teaches.  To us the Bible is not a dusty old book but is God’s word to us.  We believe the Bible is true and reliable and that God uses it to speak into our lives today.  


God is real, although we often prefer to live our lives as though He doesn’t exist.  He is the Creator of all things and this universe demonstrates His power, wisdom and eternal existence.  Although He is almighty He is not remote from us and He wants to be involved in our lives.  His power is available to us, to forgive us, to heal us and to change us.


Jesus is central.  Only by believing in Jesus and accepting Him as our Saviour can we know God personally.  Jesus died on the cross so that our rebellion against God could be forgiven and our wrongdoings wiped out.  Jesus is not dead, He is alive and He can give life to us as well by the Holy Spirit.


The Church is not for good people.  All of us who come to this church are aware that we have failed in our responsibility both to God and to others, but we also know that God loves us and when we put our faith in Jesus Christ He accepts us as we are.  Indeed everyone needs to receive God’s forgiveness and His gift of eternal life.


Don’t be deceived by the lie that you are some kind of accident.  You are a creature made in God’s image and you were made to know Him and enjoy Him.  Please come and meet us because we would love to introduce you to this great God.

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Please come and visit us; we'd love to meet you!